Black Magic In India: A Strange Thing To Explore

Black Magic In India (Strange Thing To Explore)

Take a tour anywhere in the world, one thing you will find in almost common in all places and that is ‘magic’. There are two types of magic, in particular, one is through which people are entertained and the other is ‘black magic’.

More than any other part of the world, black magic is highly practiced in India. Today we will talk about this ‘black magic’ of India. Such as what is its history? Why is it used? Its influence in society, and some places where it is highly practiced.

History of Black Magic

The history of black magic in India is very old. We find its introduction in the Indian scripture written much before even Christianity. For example: Some great scholars used to chant mantras in the era of Mahabharata and Ramayana to rid the patients out from diseases.

Same way, some bad people used to chant mantras to harm others as well. In those times, people used to sacrifice animals to satisfy their adorable Gods and Goddesses. Some tantric even sacrificed human beings to satisfy their God, and become more powerful. All these rituals of Black magic were very terrible.

However, even in modern times, some of its rituals are inconsistent. At present, the sacrifice of living animals in various festivals is proof of this.

Some people want to say that the human sacrifice system is completely finished today. But this is not completely true. This is evident when a human kid was sacrificed during the Ambubasi fair in 2019 at the Kamakhya temple. This black magic of the Kamakhya temple is really horrifying.

Causes of Using Black Magic

Usually, black magic is used for two reasons. One is good and the other is bad. Especially, the good purpose of black magic is: cure diseases of people that medical science can’t find out, ejecting people from evil powers (like ghosts), eradicate the evil black magic effect of other magicians, etc. Some bad purposes of black magic are: To make someone more powerful by sacrificing someone, use evil powers to harm someone, etc. However, modern thinking completely neglects any of these truths and also denotes it, harmful to human society.

Influence In Human Society

In modern human society, all these things have very little value. If we talk about its effect then it is harmful to human society. That is why; in India today too many such rules and laws are being made, which completely obstruct all these works. According to the Indian constitution, if a person harms another person by using all these blind thoughts then it would be considered as a legal offense. Due to all these rules in Indian society since ancient times, many societies still believe in black magic seriously. Due to this, many issues also occur from time to time; such as killing, Harassment, expulsion from society and other serious atrocities.

Some places In India where black magic is highly practiced

  • Mayong: India’s black magic center is Mayong. This place is located in Assam state’s Morigaon district. Mayong has special tourist attraction.
  • Kamakhya Temple:  It is the Shakti temple of a Hindu goddess, named ‘Sati’. One of the best tourist sites at Guwahati.
  • Cremating Grounds: It is located in Varanasi of Indian state Uttar Pradesh.
  • Peringottukara: Located in Kerala.
  • Kushabhadra: A place of Odisha state.

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