What are the top most luxury cars available for rental car?

There are many luxury cars available for rent at several car renting service providers. These cars all vary greatly in price, style and looks. Following are the top most luxurious cars that are available for rent.

Ferrari 488 GTB

This car is one of the best when it comes to speed and controllability. The extraordinary handling capability makes it perfect even for the less experienced drivers. With a classic Ferrari model, 660 horsepower, top speed of 335km/h and the ability to go from zero to 100km/hour in just 3 seconds, it is one of the best luxury cars out there for a single person use.

Lamborghini Aventador Spider

This car is the true pearl of the supercars and the icon of the automobile business. With a convertible body, 730 horsepower engine, 100km/h acceleration in 3 seconds and being amazingly easy to control it is well deserving of all the fame. This instantly recognizable car is the perfect amalgamation of advanced technology, power and style.

BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 is an excellent way out for in-style travellers. This top BMW consists of German equipment, technology and an up to date design, an assurance of wholesome ecstasy for those who are at the back of the steering wheel. With its astonishing 248 horse powered engine, it is great for all kinds of road trips or countryside travel.

Mini Cooper

Just the thing for city exploration and sightseeing, the Mini Cooper under no circumstances goes out of fashion. Journey through the city in this trendy and stylish Mini car. This model is stylish, compact and attractive and because of its small size, it is very easy to locate a parking spot.

Audi A8

This is the most popular model in the Audi workshop with a first-class design and a gallant 333 horse powered engine. This car is one of the most admired luxury vehicle rental services can provide and is the most preferred among travellers wishing to travel professionally.

Jaguar XJ

This car enlightens the archetypal, eternal stylishness and presents its customers with a very comfy and luxurious ride. This four-door car spaces up to five people with plenty of breathing space and a large storage space. It is great for transporting party guests to the club or to a beach house.

Mercedes Benz E Class

This four-door lavishness car is motorized by a 400-hp engine to convey outstanding performance. The Mercedes E Class is cost-effective with petroleum which makes it the ideal journey companion throughout lengthy trips. All that combined with its ability to host around 5 people, this makes it a great car for family trips and parties.

BMW 6 Series

The BMW 6 Series model astonishes people with its spacious, roomy and elegant interior with an astounding 445 HP engine. This model is out of the ordinary and is a great car for all types of customers. It is also a great choice for those who are on a business travel and may need some room for other people.

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