How do I describe my experience with the stunning photos in Tibet? Tibet is known as the rooftop of the world, but in its actual sense, there is no accurate word to describe my amazing experience in Tibet.

There are lots of stunning and beautiful places for the lover of nature and stunning photos to grab the real sense of nature in Tibet. In Tibet, there are beautiful places that time seems to have forgotten with its great quality captivating serenity.

 Tibet has most of the heartbreaking places for the lover of nature and photography and natural areas in the world. My train experience to this great site is second to none with other millions of tourists.

Also, Tibet has the friendliest people you can ever meet in the universe as far as I’m concerned. Besides, these Tibetans seem to laugh and smile more than any other tribe and culture in the whole world.

So, if I’ve got the right word to describe the stunning photos for tourists to Tibet, it would have been great. So, in short, Tibet is fantastic, as well as, the Tibetans.

Tibet on the high side of the plateau is a land full of mysticism and mystery with lots of mysterious legends, unbelievable monasteries, and excellent alpine views. This is why the rooftop of the world – Tibet houses millions of tourists from almost every part of the world.

However, if you’ve always wanted to travel to Tibet but not yet convinced or need more proofs before you find your way to the best site in the world called the rooftop of the world with amazing culture, people, monasteries, and culture, then this is the perfect time for your adventure to the high land.

With these stunning photos in Tibet, I bet you won’t need to think twice again as these stunning photos in Tibet promise to leave you yearning and hungry for more.

However, the following are the best places to see stunning photos in Tibet.

  • Sunrise at the Potala Palace

Without any doubt, Potala Palace is one of the iconic places reserved for any tourist in Tibet. Potala Palace has become of one the renowned UNESCO World Heritage palace in the world, and it’s best enjoyed at sunrise.

  • The turquoise water experience of the holy lake Yamdrok

Lake Yamdrok – one of the sacred lakes in Tibet has lots of stunning photos to offer every tourist making adventure into Tibet.

The incredible sights parked at the Tibetan plateau would make every anyone want to visit Tibet over and over again.

So, have you always been yearning of seeing the amazing turquoise water on the road to Gyantse? Then find your ways to Tibet as it promises you a memorable experience ever.

  • Mount Everest from Everest Base camp

Mount Everest remained the world highest mountain and located in Tibet – the roof of the world. Mount Everest is at the Everest base camp at a distance of 8 km to the south of the monastery called Rongbuk. Be a part of this great experience as you journey to Tibet for your next tourist to have a view of this world-class highest mountain.

  • Mount Everest view from the world highest monastery.

Having a completely amazing experience to the Mount Everest – world-class highest mountain shouldn’t be from the Everest base camp alone. Every tourist can have a lifetime experience of this great mountain from another monastery view called Rongbuk Monastery in Tibet.

Although this Rongbuk monastery may not be the perfect choice for anyone seeking Buddhist monasteries, I bet it is the ideal choice for any tourist in Tibet. This is the former abbot of the monastery named the world most famous Sherpa.

  • The fantastic view from the top of the Kumbum stupa

As the only amazing stupa in Tibet – Kumbum stupa has a height of about 32 meters tall, nine different levels, and 108 chapels designed according to the mandala Buddhist idea. However, you can get the most amazing Tibet view from the topmost of the stupa.


A lifetime experience is a promise in Tibet with its stunning and captivating photos that are second to none. Besides, nothing can be compared to having a fantastic experience in Tibet.

There are lots of other great places to enjoy amazing, stunning photo experience in Tibet, visiting Tibet this time would be one of the best decisions you can make this period. Plan Tibet, plan a fantastic experience.

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