Things you must discover in Denver during the holidays

When you visit the state of Colorado, its capital, located at 5280 feet above sea level, is a must-see. Denver is a great place to land for vacation and there are lots of fun activities to be done downtown. The altitude can be uncomfortable for sure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy discovering all the wonderful things the city has to offer you: lights galore, botanic gardens, parks, zoo, etc. Find here some things that are worth your attention and visit when you come to Denver, Colorado for holidays.

Iconic places to visit

Like every great American city, Denver has also its iconic and famous places to be visited absolutely. Let’s go around these incredible, almost magical places that make the city famous.

Denver Union Station is the first place we recommend you. It is not only the hub for the Mile High City’s transportation and home to multiple restaurants and hotels, but it also offers one of the city’s free but highly rated attraction:  its fountain, located in front of the station, where kids, adults, and even dogs have fun splashing or simply enjoying the sun and the blue sky.

You can’t talk about holidays in Denver without visiting its famous botanical gardens. Indeed, Denver Botanic Gardens are a true paradise for people who want to connect with nature and especially plants, mainly native from the Rocky Mountain region but also from all over the world.

Among marvelous places to visit with family, the Denver Art Museum is another must-see. The museum features a very impressive collection of Pre-Columbian, Spanish Colonial and Asian art. The building itself is true architectural art. But the main attraction of the place is probably its American Indian Art collection. It represents all tribes in the United States and proudly displays historical, sometimes mystical and identity pieces from each tribe.

Events not to be missed

Holidays in Denver offer you the chance to enjoy some of the city’s top events according to the time of year of your stay.

In January, the main event is undoubtedly the New Year’s Day. Denver became famous worldwide for its particular way for celebrating this event. All over the city, at Union Station, at the County building, at Center Park, nearly everywhere, lights galore, beautiful decoration, and over more to marvel at. It starts as early as December and celebrations reach their peak at Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Unfortunately, your holidays will not take place in December. Don’t worry. All year long, there are lots of fascinating events In Denver. Indeed, the Mile High City is distinguished by its original way of celebrating certain events. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated here not as it is anywhere else. That’s also the same for Valentine’s Day, for Father’s Day, for the July, 4th, for Labour Day, for Halloween, etc. The inhabitants and authorities of the city have turned these events into real institutions so that lots of visitors come to Colorado just for them.

If you intend to go for a West Coast road trip, passing by Denver, there are lots of things to be done and to be discovered there whatever the period of your vacation. We’ll spend our whole lives in it if we had to list them all exhaustively. What matters is that you will certainly have fun and will never forget your stay in the Mile High City. So, do not hesitate anymore, put Denver on your list of cities to see in your life, find cheap flights to Denver via platforms and mobile application for that, pack your bag and here you go for an unforgettable vacation in Colorado.

Visit the Lower Downtown: atypical on-site location

If you decide to choose Denver as your holiday destination, The Lower Downtown is definitely a place to visit. With a strong reputation for local beer, Denver has created an atypical activity in the Lower Downtown area to introduce tourists to one of its greatest passions. So it is through organized excursions that you will be able to participate in this discovery more than tasty, consisting of tasting the beers produced in the area. But not only, because on top of that, but the course also offers a behind-the-scenes exploration where you will have the joy of seeing for yourself the process of creating these famous local beers. An activity that really deserves to be carried out with friends!

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